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   From the moment in which you receive our service, you can be sure that your merchandise will arrive at its destination safe and on time.
   At Shiff Cargo, Inc, Forget any errors logistics, our staff is highly qualified to offer reliable advice on the best logistics, offering excellent import and / or export.
Shiff Cargo, Inc. owns several import standards and have reliable trading services in several key cities in the Mexican Republic, Central and South America, plus we have our own Customs Agency..
   We have an excellent Packing Team, strapping, scales, hoists and best hydraulic press machine, all of these in order for us to provide a better safe service. All of the above is supported with all of the experience, as well as being one of the top packing companies in Los Angeles CA.
 Need help with a shipment to Mexico?
Allow Shiff Cargo to help you!
  100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!...
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