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Shiff Cargo believes in giving our customers a
"Top Class" service along with competitive pricing.
   At Shiff Cargo, we understand that every person and/or company has different needs. So whether you need to ship a single item by air or a full container load via Ground, Ocean & Air Freight, we got you covered!
Shiff Cargo, Inc. is here for you! 
   Shiff Cargo, Inc.  has an excellent reputation for meeting the logistical requirements for shipments of all types of cargo. So, if it is necessary to ensure the safe delivery of your items in Mexico, or any other country in Latin America, so we offer innovative solutions to the challenges of transporting goods of any kind or size.
     We can guarantee that we will sail all paperwork and customs regulations such as complex for you as well as you also provide very competitive international rates. Make your international shipments arrive at their destination, use Shiff Cargo!
We serve a wide variety of customers in many different markets. If you are looking to send a priceless piece of art, or want to move a computer data center to another location, or even furniture or other belongings across the 
In Shiff Cargo Inc. we specialize in service to all Mexico
Customs Agency
* Packed
* Pressing
* Labeled
* Logistics Service
* Distribuitor
* Merchandise Shipping
* Air
* Ground


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