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About us

 About Us
Anything, Anywhere, Anytime.
That's Shiff Cargo!

   Shiff Cargo, Inc. offers a complete range of shipping options by Ground, Sea and Air for importers and exporters. In fact, we offer Domestic and International shipping at competitive prices. With our network of experts Shipping Agents, Ports and terminals around the world, we can deliver your goods by Air, Sea or Ground to most Countries, door to door, and the most important thing is to arrive on time.

   Air and sea transport plays a critical role in many supply chains. We have the ability to send your products or goods in a reliable and cost effective. For us it is important to find a partner who can exceed your needs and reduce risks to the fullest.

We have become one of
the North America's Top
most experienced


    Shiff Cargo, Inc. We offer ground and air freight from our own storage facilities to be sent to Mexico and almost anywhere in Latin America. The proof of our quality and competitive price is the satisfaction of many of our loyal customers who usually send their goods to anywhere in the Republic of Mexico and Latin America, because they know they can count  on Shiff Cargo, Inc.., that all Their goods will be safer and arrive on time. 

Shiff Cargo, Your Freight Shipping
If you need services of high quality
with lower cost and fast delivery,
Shiff Cargo is right for you!
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